Snap Review: Fortnite

Snap Review: Fortnite


Don’t take shelter, MAKE IT!

Brought to you by Epic, Fortnite is an online cooperative mayhem-fest with Fort building, crafting, shiny loot and waves of undead hordes knocking at your door! Available in early access/closed beta form on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The pricing of the game is… peculiar to say the least: This game will be released as a Free to Play title in 2018, but for now there are premium options. It’ll cost you £34.99 to get the most basic of packages, which is what I purchased. All the way up to £119.99 for the “Limited Edition”. (Spoilers: Fortnite is good, but it’s not £120 good…).

  • Graphics: The game is visually unique, some games such as PvZ: Garden Warfare have a similar style, but Fortnite does a stellar job of standing out and offering a colourful and refreshing visual palette. The graphics match the comedic and irreverent nature and style of the game perfectly and it runs smoothly.
  • Verdict: Yeah!
  • Audio: Very little about the music and sound effects thus far have proven to do anything more than their functional job, not noticably bad in any way, but difficult to comment as a major aspect. The Voice Acting, however, has stood out in places. It does a great job of working in accord with the visual styling to bring a nonchalant sense of mayhem and anarchic panic from time to time. I have chuckled more than a few times while playing thisand that’s largely due to the impassioned delivery of witty lines here and there. Not on the levels of the likes of Portal, but hey, what is?
  • Verdict: Yeah!

  • Gameplay: Fortnite really does have a lot to offer overall:
    • Progressing your character
    • Designing and building your base
    • Expanding your base’s influence
    • Collecting loot
    • Mining resources
    • Saving survivors
    • Managing Heroes, defenders and saved survivors
    • Four unique areas for difficult late game options

    The sheer quantity of content is great, and will truly be a wonderful option at Free to Play pricing… But that’s not what is on offer here. Fortnite mashes a lot of different concepts from different genres into a pretty successful melting pot. And while each aspects of the game may be beaten by a rival game (such as Minecraft being the better builder, PvZ:GW2 being the smoother shooter and a number of games offering a better loot system) there are very few games that can offer such a charming and engaging output than Fortnite has. The clumsiness of the building mechanics soon fade, and you’ll start to grasp some of the many unexplained game concepts before too long (and there is a *lot* that is left unexplained!). But with many games of this type, its long term viability is either going to be the rallying cry, or the death knell for the game; it will either be tweaked and grow into something beautiful, or it will always be a game that “could have been so much more”.

  • Verdict: Yeah!
  • Replayability: It is in this section that this game is made or broken… And the answer is it’s both. There is a *lot* to do, truly. There are deep mechanics in the background at play and the end game content requires a lot of time and effort to get to. But a great many number of missions will begin to grind down your resolve as you find yourself repeating things you have done a great many number of times, not uncommon in Free to Play titles. After the 8-10 hour mark you will hit that point in which you’ll know if the repetitive nature of the way the game encourages you to play is for you or not.
  • Verdict: Meh!

Final Thoughts: Do I recommend you to buy this or not? The answer is both yes and no. Simply divided down the line of whether or not you have a few friends you can play this game with regularly. If you do, I utterly implore you and three friends to buy this game, because it was clearly designed around that and offers and incredible experience that every multiplayer-centric gamer should play. But if you’re a solo player and you’re not desperate to play this colourful and fun little gem, I would recommend thinking about waiting for its Free to Play version coming next year.

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