Review: Sheltered

Review: Sheltered


Available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4:

You and your family must survive and attempt to thrive in a post apocalyptic world inside and out of an expandable Fallout Shelter, brought to you by Team 17.

  • Graphics: Another game using pixel-based graphics. While they may look sharp and sleak, if you’re getting bored of games constantly coming out using pixel graphics, this will not convince you of their brilliance.
    That being said, they match the aesthetic of the game very well while also providing a very clean look to their chosen artistic style. But between the saturation of the offerings of pixel based games on the market to the fact that they are clearly representative of the past, it is hard to be blown away by the graphics in this title.
  • Verdict: Meh.
  • Audio: This was never going to be a title with a soundtrack that sticks with you weeks after playing it. Any OST that goes on in the background is trvial and feels as though it’s just there to avoid the deathly silence.
    While the music may be sub-par, the actual sound effects on offer do a sterling job of keeping you updated on the running of your fallout shelter. Cat meowing all the time? Feed it! Sounds of someone vomiting up their guts? Give them medication! Just heard a death-knell like dirge of a chimed bell? Sorry mate, your character has just expired.
    The music may not do a great job, but the sound effects are more than adequate for their purpose.
  • Verdict: Meh.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay is the big winner on Sheltered. Expansive and difficult to begin while you are trying to find your feet, but as you get into it, the pace will quicken and you’ll start designing and creating your means of survival while also trying to keep ficed the one thing seperating you from certain radioactive death: Your vault.
    Creating and expanding your shelter will allow you to access some of the more valuable items and entities to aid you on your dreary journey. From you command centre, you can send family (or any other Surivivors you may have taken into your vault) members out into the perilous wastelands for more item acquisition to further you in this dead setting.
    Characters can level up their specific aspects, such as strength, agility and intelligence, to make a stronger survivor. These additional points will make the difference between life and death when you send them out into the wasteland and they meet roving gangs who want your stuff (and they’re not in favour of asking politely). The turn based combat does a great job of fleshing out the trips out of your haven, even more so if you’re armed, protected and are ready to rumble.

    But beware, should you lose fights, or fail to offer your survivors the necessities of food, water or something to soothe their ever encroaching sanity… They will begin to lose it. Keep your survivors happy and healthy while expanding your little corner of the earth with a variety of craftables, machines or amenities.
    Nearer the end game you’ll find yourself flush with weapons, armour, drugs, food, water and mayhap even Camper Van! If you get there though… And that is a big “if”.
  • Verdict: Yeah!
  • Replayability: My best record for survival was up to about day 300, which took a very long time to get there and I was enthralled for the first couple of hundred days, but when everything was going right and I wasn’t praying for rain every week, my attention started to wane. Some may get bored before getting there and that’s understandable, but if you like resource management games, this is likely going to be something you’ll go back to more than a few times.
  • Verdict: Yeah!Final Thoughts: Fallout Shelter came out a while ago now and offered players a similar experience, but reeked of Free to Play, with all the waiting or paying that comes encumbered with it. Sheltered offers more of a premium experience of the same concept and is a pretty great game all round, definitely recommend for anyone searching for a “different” kind of game.
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