Master Chief rides into battle on the Xbox One X

Master Chief rides into battle on the Xbox One X


As we approach the release of the Xbox One X, Microsoft is ramping up the hype for it. While most gaming outlets are focused on the games and how they perform, Microsoft is letting some tech outlets actually get at the insides of their super-powered gaming console.

The Xbox One S had a little Master Chief emblazoned on one of the pieces of plastic inside the system. With the Xbox One X, though, he’s riding on the circuitboard itself. Check out this image from Spanish tech YouTube channel Unocero’s video on the system.

Not only is Master Chief in there, he’s riding a scorpion which is in honor of the system’s origins as “Project Scorpio.”

A lot of us are never going to see this seeing as cracking the console open voids warranty, and it’s hardly worth that to get a peek at the Spartan inside.

The Xbox One X is less than a month away, set to release on November 7. Microsoft is calling the Xbox One X the most powerful console ever made, and the numbers certainly back that claim up.

The beast packs 6 TFLOPS of processing power – about four times that of the Xbox One and one and a half times that of the PS4 Pro’s 4.2 TFLOPS. The system also packs 12GB of RAM to the Pro’s 8GB, and the RAM has one and a half times as much bandwidth as Sony’s system.

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