Giving the gift of a game will hopefully be launching on Xbox One

Giving the gift of a game will hopefully be launching on Xbox One


As a standard function of Steam, the capacity to give and gift games to friends has felt noticeably absent for many a year now on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Microsoft have long tried to be at the forefront of digital delivery of games, from Xbox Live Arcade Games to Games on Demand, the service that Xbox Live has crafted for its users for over a decade now has been a pioneering store system that has strived to offer the very best of a console online service.

The aforementioned system for giving the gift of gaming has come up in conversation previously, but it has never yet been signed, sealed and delivered on Xbox Live, but that looks to be changing!

Check out the Tweet below by Mike Ybarra [Corporate Vice President: Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft]:

Not only is that as close to a full announcement as we can expect at this stage, it must clearly be much further down the pipeline if Mike Ybarra can talk about it with an open sense of candour.

While it may go without saying that a system of this type can be open to abuse, especially when coupled either easy password, or phishing scams… The majority of users shouldn’t be held back by the minor fears and security risks associated with implementing a new system.

I can’t wait to see what they do with this, and how well it compares with competitors systems! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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